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    Dedicated to non-sectarian spiritual awareness. Broadcasting songs
    by David Kingston & spoken word daily 7am to 9pm GMT

About Us

Ra Radio ... broadcasting on planet Earth

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Why Ra?

We chose Ra (the name of the ancient Egyptian solar deity) to convey our orientation to light in the music played and subject matters discussed here. The two concentric circles of our logo is the hieroglyph for Ra.

Ra Radio is maintained by husband and wife team David and Debbie ... David providing most of the music, Debbie organising favourite quotes and inspirational passages in the form of spoken word.

We invite contribution to our spoken word section, either recorded or simply suggestion(s) for us to record. Use the contact form here. Submissions should be in keeping with the ethos of Ra Radio: spiritual (though not faith specific) and/or connected in some way to personal growth/development, self-empowerment etc. Full credit will always be given. We of course reserve the right to not include submissions we consider unsuitable.


Ra Radio features original songs by David Kingston

Songs Of Dave

About David

David was born in Kent (UK) to Yvonne and Ernest Kingston on November 19th 1959. He grew up in Somerset with brother and sister Cliff and Dawn.

David spent 15 years from 1980 as a member of the Hare Krishna movement. While he no longer subscribes to the HK faith ... at the same time that life chapter continues to inform to his views; for example, David believes in the divinity and eternality of the self, and remains a committed vegetarian. David's current philosophy of life is explored in his blog at amaiyu.com

David presently maintains a web developer day job, and continually writes and records songs in his home studio. All of the songs you hear on Ra Radio are available for free download at songsofdave.com

Existential Singer Songwriter

I consider myself an existential singer / songwriter ... I almost always write songs about existential questioning. I imagine myself a traveller, perhaps from another planet ... taking birth here to support and encourage individuals taking their first steps on the spiritual path, and/or to reflect back ideas to those already established in that journey. I am keenly interested in g/God, spiritual awareness, self-divinity, who we are and what we're doing here ... but not a great fan of organised religion.

David Kingston Planet Earth ... just visiting

Spoken Word

Inspirational Quotes selected by Debbie

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About Debbie

Debbie was born in Neath, Wales in 1958. She is a life long vegetarian and fan of alternative health medicine, natural healing and organic food. She presently works as a Social Worker in Hertfordshire, UK

Ra Radio features favourite quotes and inspirational book passages selected and recorded or presented by Debbie ... these pop up amongst the songs. We invite contributions in keeping with the Ra Radio ethos (spiritual [though not faith specific] and/or connected in some way to personal growth/development, self-empowerment etc) ... either as recorded pieces or simply as suggestions. Use the contact form here. We will give you credit if we use your submission. We of course reserve the right to not include submissions we consider unsuitable.

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Songs Of Dave Songs ... as featured on Ra Radio

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get in touch send feedback, say hello. We invite you to contribute favourite spoken word passages (recorded by you, or for us to record).

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